So what does it actually look like to NOT turn to food when we’re upset? I’m diving into a real life play by play of feeling emotions instead of eating in today’s podcast.

These last few days, I’ve felt a ton of emotions I don’t want to feel.

I’m chalking it up to being sick of restrictions, the “new” normal we have going on and the dread of not seeing an end.

Yes, it’s been 11 months now and we are still doing this, and while I’ve had ups and downs emotionally, I’ve tried to maintain my positive outlook.

But lately I’ve been so frustrated, incredibly antsy, insanely bored, feeling stuck, a deep sadness and everything in between.

And you know what sounded good amidst all of those emotions?

Cookies. Fudge. Chocolate covered anything.

Instead of eating, I recorded a podcast-a play by play of what I did to move through the feelings without turning to food. 

I even read you one of my journal entries 😉

Tune in to today’s episode to get a play by play of feeling emotions without eating!

You are welcome to explore the Break Free from Emotional Eating Challenge if you need more support.