It’s the start of a new day (or week).

You woke up and swore on every last dime that today is the day you’re going to make some changes around your food.

It’s 9:00 am and you’re off to a great start: You got up to go to the gym and sweated it out to lots of cardio. You had a chock-full-of-nutrients Kale smoothie for breakfast.

Lunch rolls around and you ate exactly what you had packed: a salad with all the fixins-lettuce, broccoli, cucumbers, carrots, peppers, grilled chicken and a sprinkling of cheese.

At 3:30 pm you eat your healthy snack that you packed the night before: an apple with some almonds.

You resisted the leftover birthday cake a coworker put in the break room. (And are so proud of yourself!)

The day was a little bit stressful, but you’ve made it through and stuck to your plan (for once!).

Gimme the “4 Ways To Stop A Binge”Guide!

You think to yourself…

“Ok, you know what? I really can do this. I know I’m  ready for change and I feel motivated  about eating healthy.”

Dinner is a nutritious medley of baked fish, steamed broccoli and some quinoa. (Another healthy meal under your belt!)

You feel elated. And inside you’re thinking…

“I can TOTALLY do this!”

But then…

You’re cleaning up the kitchen and you start thinking about those leftover cookies in your pantry.

You try to ignore it and tell yourself you’ve had enough and you’re committed to eating healthy.

You scrub the dishes harder and force yourself to think about something else. You go through work to-do’s you have to get done first thing in the morning. You think about what you need to pick up at the store tomorrow. You’re desperate to not think about the damn cookies.

But those sweet, gooey chocolate chip cookies tasted so good when you had them over the weekend…

No! You tell yourself. I’m NOT giving into this craving!

So you go to your couch and collapse in a heap from a long day of chaos, activity and stress.

You close your eyes from exhaustion and start fantasizing about how good one of those cookies would taste in your mouth.

The familiar food battle starts up again.

“Don’t do it. You’ll just regret it in the morning and be mad at yourself. You know you’re better than this!”

“But I just want ONE cookie. Is that such a big deal? I ate SO healthy all day, so one cookie won’t really make or break anything.”

The voices in your head go back and forth. You’re so tempted to have a cookie, fight with yourself to resist, and the voices just get louder and louder.

It feels like your mind is a war zone. Clashing voices, all yelling and vying for your attention.

So you finally go up and get a cookie. You tell yourself you’ll have ONE. That’s it.

But it tastes so good. And you can’t stop once you start.

You eat it so fast and then grab another. You get caught up in the momentum and the frantic pace of needing to eat more and more.

And then…11 cookies later, you’re back on your couch.

You feel bloated, disgusting, gross, and horrible about yourself. That sense of despair, the feeling of hopelessness, and those “did I do this to myself AGAIN?!” thoughts are creepin’ on in…

You swear you’ll start over again tomorrow. But you know you’ve said that to yourself a million times.

How do you ACTUALLY stop binging? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Wanna stop your binge in its tracks? 

Gimme the “4 Ways To Stop A Binge”Guide!

I know how awful and frustrating this cycle is. I’ve been there more times than I care to count. I’ve been desperate and panic-y, swearing on everything I owned that THIS would be the last time I’d binged. But then not even a day later, I’d be knee-deep in the gallon of ice cream, unable to myself from spooning another bite into my mouth.

I’ve sobbed into my pillow more nights than I can remember, praying to something to please help me stop binging. I get the frustration and despair. I know how heartbreaking the “I’m such a failure…why did I do this again?!” feeling is.

And that is why I created the “4 Ways To Stop A Binge”. To help you STOP right where you are and not get sucked down the familiar cycle.

Wanna stop your binge in its tracks?

Gimme the “4 Ways To Stop A Binge”Guide!

It can feel almost impossible to stop binging or overeating when you’re in the middle of inhaling Dorito after Dorito…but I’m here to tell you it IS possible. This is what I did to help myself stop and what I use to help my clients.

This guide will give you 4 things you can do to HALT a binge mid-cookie bite (plus a bonus section of ways to prevent future binges!). Its your lifeline when you don’t know how else to stop…grab it here!

Gimme the “4 Ways To Stop A Binge”Guide!