A part of the journey towards being “normal” around food is learning to accept yourself. But how do you accept your body when you don’t like what you see?!

That is exactly what I’m talking about in today’s blog.

I got an email the other day that said:

“I am done with dieting. Dieting, food programs, and strict eating rules are something I’m really working to put behind me.  I simply cannot count, obsess or think about food anymore. BUT I also can’t accept my body. I just can’t accept where I am because I don’t LIKE where I am. I don’t like my body and am terrified that I’ll be where I am for the rest of my life. Do you have any advice?”

I know that I’ve been at that exact point countless times in my own life, so I figured it’d be a great topic to talk in more detail about.

I’ve struggled with body acceptance throughout my journey. I went through phases when I didn’t care about my body, times when I’ve ignored it completely, and periods where I’ve loathed myself.

My latest “work” is taking my body acceptance to a new level: really liking, appreciating and most of all, LOVING myself and my body 🙂

So how do you begin to do that?

Find out how to begin accepting your body in today’s blog: 


So, tell me…which of the 3 tips most resonate with you and how can you begin to put it into practice? I’d love to hear how you can take one of these tips and put it into action! Share in the comments below 🙂