There are a million diet programs, meal plans, and nutrition advice out there when it comes to food. So how do you find a way of eating that works for you?

It can be so damn confusing when you google “best way of eating” or “how to eat to lose/maintain weight” (not that you’re googling that… 😉 )

When I was in grad school for nutrition, I became lost about what to eat. (See that post here!)

Was I supposed to eat a plant-based diet? Or more animal protein to keep me full? Or cut out sugar in moderation? Or cut it out all together?

It seemed that every book recommended something different, every program said something contradictory and every search yielded only more confusion. 

(And so I’d get overwhelmed, frustrated, exhausted and end up bingeing). (If you want to get out of that cycle, grab the book here)

So how DO you find a way of eating that works for you? Not for a month or a few weeks, but for the long term?

That’s exactly what today’s podcast is all about 🙂

PS-I’m opening a Food & Body Mastermind the first week of October (2019)! This will be the FIRST time I’ve hosted a program talking deeply about weight. It is so hard to be on this path (of getting out of the diet/binge cycle) while also wanting to lose weight. So we will be exploring that deeply in this small group program! Get on the email list if you’d like more info 🙂