If you follow my blog and know what I teach, you know that I do not “sell” weight loss. I am not a fan of “before and after” photos (read one of my most popular blog posts on that here), I don’t advocate clean eating, I never prescribe certain foods/plans, and I promote body acceptance (instead of reaching a goal weight and then accepting your body).

BUT, the reason we diet in the first place is because typically, we aren’t happy with our bodies and we want to lose weight! 

So how then do we approach this whole “not dieting” thing?!

I’ll tell you what…THIS is the single biggest struggle I see time and time again…

How do you let go of food rules, how do you trust in the process of not dieting, how do you let go of control if you DO have weight to lose?

(BTW-I like to think of weight loss as releasing weight. Weight loss feels punishing, severe, and like we have to force ourselves to do something extreme to get a result. Releasing weight feels more gentle and like a slow, steady re-balancing process). 

One of the most challenging times in my journey was when I came back from living in Ecuador, had gained 25-30 pounds and wasn’t dieting. I was heavy for my frame and desperately struggled because I wanted to lose weight, but I also didn’t want to diet…

So how do you remedy this? Check out the video below and then I’d love to hear your thoughts. This is something I really love to discuss because it can really halt your progress when you come up against this block!

So tell me, how can you incorporate this into your week? How can you let go of the “result” and focus on the now? Share in the comments below. I’d love to hear!