This is sort of a trick question…because there really is no right or wrong answer 🙂 Here it is: if you didn’t fear weight gain, what would you eat?

If calories didn’t count, if no food “made” you gain weight, if there weren’t “good or bad” categories, what would you eat for your next meal?

I asked this in the Normal Eaters Club a while ago and the answers were fascinating!

Typically, we think our answer would be “I’d eat EVERYTHING! Cakes, cookies, candies, pizza, donuts, etc”.

Our mind tells us that we’d inhale everything we think is unheathly and “bad” for us.

But if you get quiet, take a few big, deep, long slow breaths, and slow down enough to let your body speak to you…

…I’d bet you’d be amazed at what she says 🙂

Some of the answers were things like:

  • a favorite childhood meal (Mom’s mac & cheese!)
  • homemade spaghetti & meatballs
  • a garden fresh salad with delicious grilled marinated chicken and fresh bread with butter
  • the most expensive, fresh fish with pesto and a side of bruschetta

Interesting, huh?

Many of the answers had nothing to do with all the things we convince ourselves we shouldn’t eat (all the sweets!)

Yes, these answers may not be baked chicken & asparagus (which–if your diet looks “perfect” on paper, read this!), but these are all delightfully, satisfying meals!

So, use this question to reflect on this week: if you didn’t fear weight gain, what would you eat?

If nothing at all mattered–fitting into a certain dress, losing weight for summer, your body size, or anything else…what would feel delicious & satisfying?

See what arises when you get still and quiet and let an answer come up.

(And if the answer is “homemade muffins”, then still honor it!)

I’d love to hear YOUR answers in the comments below 🙂

PS…podcast episode for this topic is below!