A quick check in question: what’s your relationship to exercise?

For some women, exercise can mimic the diet mentality.

(AKA the all or nothing type of thinking)

Some women are in the “excessive, use it to burn something off, to not feel guilty” place with exercise. 

Others are on the opposite side: the “I have no motivation to do anything and can’t get moving” struggle. 

(As as aside, FitBits and other tracking devices have exacerbated our hyper focus on tracking steps/calories/activity…I know I used one for a day and quickly got super obsessed in an unhealthy way).

Regardless of where you are on the exercise spectrum, I’m addressing both in today’s podcast!

I’m sharing 3 actionable takeaways for each “side”, so you can find the middle ground with exercise (dare I say make it a positive, enjoyable part of your life?!)

No matter your relationship to exercise, today’s episode will give you some good takeaways to implement in your life for a more balanced approach.