One of the most difficult things to practice at first is going from a rule-based way of eating (“shoulds”, rules, diets, etc) to “hearing” and honoring what your body is telling you.

It’s hard because after years of dieting and/or starting over every other day, we don’t trust ourselves! So, how do you begin to eat according to your body? And most importantly, how do you stop eating when you’re full?

This is exactly what today’s blog is all about 🙂

Letting go of old patterns & habits around food is a process of “unlearning” all of the old stuff and replacing it with the new. Because we can’t just stop something-we have to replace it with something else!

So, the “new” way is tapping into YOUR signals that your body is giving you-all day, every day 🙂 (We just haven’t had any practice with hearing them!)

When I first began to let go of dieting, I couldn’t hear a word my body said. I guessed, experimented, made mistakes and felt like I was fumbling around it the dark. Did my body want ice cream? Chicken? A salad? French fries? I didn’t know. But I did keep trying.

Your body DOES know what it’s doing 🙂 After all, it circulates your blood, digests your food, flows air through your lungs, and runs itself all on its own without any thought from you.

So how do you begin tuning into this wisdom and knowing when to stop eating? 

Learn how on today’s blog:

So, tell me, how can YOU begin to incorporate this into helping you “hear” your own fullness? Comment below 🙂 I’d love to hear your take on “fullness”!