Think of the last time you went shopping for some kind of clothes, grabbed a few styles/sizes, and headed to the fitting room to try them on. Did it leave you feeling awful about yourself and hating your body? Trust me, we’ve all battled those fitting room mirrors.

Going into the fitting room and seeing yourself almost butt ass naked, standing in front of the 3 angled mirrors, fluorescent lights magnifying every flaw you’ve ever tried to hide can dampen even the most self-confident person’s mood.

I’m not sure why dressing rooms aren’t spa-like…you know, with subtle lighting, serene music, nourishing vibes…don’t they know we would buy MORE if the dressing room was a “good” experience?!

I had one of “those” experiences yesterday. The kind where I was completely fine and in a great mood…then entered the dressing room at Target to buy some workout pants.

I walked out of there feeling bad about myself…wondering why nothing fit my stomach, why my body wasn’t toned and fit, and why my man was attracted to me if I looked like that that image I saw of myself.

But, I caught my “crazy brain thoughts” quickly and it didn’t send me into a spiral of negatively and dieting for weeks like it had done in the past. In fact, I shook it off almost immediately and decided it would make a great blog post!

So, watch this and keep it handy next time you’re about to head out shopping 🙂


PS-I’m gearing up for the launch of my 8-week program, Healing From Within. If you struggle with food and can’t seem to get control of your eating/weight, these 8 weeks will be a game changer. Opens in March, starts in April, so stay tuned!

PPSS-I’d love to hear your trails and tribulations (and victories!) with the fitting room mirrors. Share below!