Welcome to the inaugural¬†episode of my interview series! Every month, I’ll be bringing a new expert on to dive into fitness, exercise, nutrition, health, life, intimacy, body-image and any other topic that I think will help you on your journey ūüôā

I’m excited to introduce Amanda Hinman on today’s blog. She’s a fitness and health expert who¬†brings a ton of exercise (learn how she views the word exercise in the episode!) knowledge to the table (something I don’t talk much about in my blog!)

Check it out: Talking Fitness & Health With Amanda Hinman!

Amanda Hinman works with busy parents and their children who struggle with time management, feelings of overwhelm and other difficult situations including food allergies and mental or emotional issues who would like to enjoy more time, improve relationships within the family and live their happiest and healthiest.

What separates her service from other doctors and health specialists is that she works with the entire family to transform in a trickle-down way, meaning the kids heal while the parents improve their lives.  Because of this, her clients receive a proven, comprehensive yet simple 7 step method on exactly what they need to feel great.  As a result, those who coach with her save time and enjoy a sustainable happy and healthy lifestyle at no risk.  Best of all her clients get faster results from a united family effort.

Amanda feels blessed that she found her soulmate in a high school sweetheart and together they raise four energetic daughters in the Chicagoland area.  Amanda enjoys living a full life as a wife, mom, speaker, instructor, coach and entrepreneur.  Would you like to know more?  Visit www.hinmans.com!