You know the person I’m talking about…the one who can go away on a vacation and come back the same size, the one who passes on the 2nd piece of cake, and the one who can say “no thanks, I don’t want a cookie right now”.

Most likely, this is the person you dream of being!

Yes, it’s the “normal eater”.

What do they know that you don’t?

Well…that’s exactly what we’re talking about on today’s blog.

Normal eaters used to be like scientific experiments for me. I “studied” them because dammit, I wanted to figure out how to not obsess over food 24/7!

I remember one of my friends from high school was super thin and didn’t struggle with food. I would watch her eat, observe her patterns, and analyze how often she left food on her plate. It was fascinating. It appeared to be effortless to her.

She didn’t have that same internal battle I did about eating the cake. She had a few bites, got up from the table, and went to go talk to friends in the next room. All while I still sat at the table, engrossed in my own internal fight about wanting to stuff 5 pieces of cake in my mouth and how to do it without anyone noticing.

Needless to say, I wasn’t a normal eater then…

I’ve had lots of experience “studying” normal eaters and now consider myself pretty normal (although normal is a loose term…I just mean not obsessed anymore 🙂 )

There are a few things that people who don’t struggle with food know. Check ’em out!

The 3 Secrets Normal Eaters Know

Now, tell me-what shifts can you make in your own life to start adopting these beliefs? comment below!