What Happens When You Don't Rely on Willpower?

What happens when you don’t rely on willpower? How do you actually eat “healthy” if you’re not being disciplined?

What does it look like to NOT rely on this to get you through?

These are questions I’m diving into on the podcast today!

We’re taught in the world that we just need more willpower.

Everywhere we turn, we’re taught to force it, push through it, have more discipline to get what we want. 

But what happens?

This approach never gives us what we truly want.

We often get stuck, frustrated and blame ourselves for the “failure”.

It’s interesting how people so often say this to others or to ourselves.

My husband says this to me multiple times a week.

He wonders how I have so much willpower.

My secret is that I’m NOT using willpower!

I teach a softer, more gentle approach–tune in to the podcast to find out what happens when you don’t rely on willpower!


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