Why We Struggle with Intuitive Eating (And Tips To Help!)

Why do we struggle with intuitive eating?

Women often come to me and tell me they just can’t “get it”.

They stumble upon Intuitive Eating (or what I call “Normal” Eating–more on that in the podcast!)…

…think they “found the solution” and get excited.

Then its frustration, anger and irritation–why can’t we just GET it already?!

Interestingly–Intuitive Eating wasn’t a thing when I first started on this journey.

It’s now become more mainstream, which is a great thing!

Except that there can be more confusion around what it actually is and how to master it.

There are a ton of different takes on IE and what it means in day to day life.

Today’s podcast takes a look at why we struggle with Intuitive Eating and some tips to help you “get it”!