You what what is SO mind numbingly frustrating?! When you know what to do but can’t make it stick…

I had a long list of things I knew I “should” do:

  • Don’t turn to food when I’m stressed
  • Stop myself after one bowl of ice cream
  • Eat vegetables with every meal
  • Don’t eat a lot of sugar
  • Exercise 4-5x a week

I also know I “shouldn’t” binge, eat at night, go to the store for a secret dessert run, bake cookies because I’d eat them all...and on and on the list went.

Why is it so hard to shift from the knowing in our heads to doing it in life?!

In today’s episode, I explain why and share some tidbits to help you change this.

This is for the “you know what to do but can’t make it stick” people 🙂

(**Which is most likely all of us in some form or fashion!)

PS–If you haven’t yet read the “How to Be a Normal Eater” book or the “7 Biggest Obstacles to Making Peace with Food & How to Overcome Them?“, whatchya waiting for?! 🙂