Mindful eating is one of the fastest ways to single-handedly change your relationship to food. 

How can one “simple” practice be so powerful?

Because mindful eating gently forces you to slow down and look at what you’re doing to your body when you eat. And in our fast paced world, we’ve completely lost touch with our eating and how food affects our bodies.

We eat in our cars, in front of the TV, while we scroll through Facebook, etc. We’re constantly distracted, never paying attention to what food is actually doing to us!

We’ve gotten so used to scarfing down our food, eating on the run, and inhaling our meals that listening to our bodies can seem completely foreign!

How do you slow down and begin to heal your relationship to food? 

Enter the Mindful Eating Challenge!

I invite you to join us for 5 days of slowing down, being aware, savoring, tasting, and just plain ENJOYING what we’re eating!

Because doing it with over other women is more fun than doing it alone! We’ll all be offering encouragement, sharing difficulties, and celebrating each other’s successes.

So, wanna change YOUR relationship to food? Join over 200 ladies in the FREE Mindful Eating Challenge! We start Monday, 3/21/16.

ME Challenge

Join the FREE 5-Day Mindful Eating Challenge here. We start on Monday, 3/21/16. We’ve got over 200 ladies!

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