Do you need support? I’m here to help.

Are you battling an all-consuming obsession with your weight, food choices, calorie counting, and over-exercising?

Are you feeling powerless to gain control over the roller coaster of the dieting cycle?

Are you exhausted from the constant mental chatter of critical thoughts related to your body and weight?

Are you afraid that eating what you want means you will gain weight?

Are you constantly anxious and living in fear around food?

Are you caught in the mindset that weight loss is your key to happiness?

I’m here to support you in your journey. Contact me today; I’ll do my best to answer answer any questions you have.

I would love to connect with you.

“I Haven't Been This Happy In My Life!"

Jenn is seriously a lightworker! I haven’t been this happy in my life, and I have never had so much clarity and joy. I am in a really good space.

Orsi, Caymen Islands

“She Helped Me Trust My Body”

Pregnancy was a tough time for me. The lack of control I felt around my changing body was a super scary feeling, and the eating and body image issues that plagued my teens and early twenties began...

Erin Holt, Holistic Nutritionist

“One Of The Best Holistic Teachers I've Ever Met”

Jenn creates a welcoming, safe environment that is low key, yet focused. Her attention to individual and group needs is exceptional. I appreciate Jenn’s skills, preparation, and pace as she guides us through our journey.

Anne, Colorado

“Her Work Is Truly Transformational!”

Jenn is an extraordinary individual with a passion for helping others through her gifts, personal experience, coaching, and powerful writing. She has tremendous knowledge in health and wellness, overcoming eating disorders, and living your best life.

Stephenie, Colorado

Hi, I’m Jenn Hand

I’m an emotional eating and binge eating coach helping women stop the binge-restrict cycle, lose weight holistically, and experience food freedom!

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