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About Jenn Hand

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Emotional Eating Posts

When Food Feels Like the Only Thing You Can Depend On

Best Emotional Eating Books

What Can You Replace Emotional Eating With?

If Food is Your Only Excitement, This is For You

You’re Unmotivated To Make Health Changes. Here’s What To Do 🙂

Do You Turn To Food For Comfort? Here’s What To Do Instead.

Help with Emotional Eating: Why You Do It and How to Deal

How To Comfort Yourself Without Food

So, You Want to Stop Emotional Eating … What to Do Instead

What Is Mental Hunger?

4 Tips To Feel Your Emotions Without Turning To Food

Can Food Fill That Emptiness?

Binge Eating Posts

Binge Eating Coach for Healthy Transformation 

I Stopped Binge Eating. Here’s How I Did It 

The Binge and Restrict Cycle and How I Overcame It

Why Do I Binge On Sugar? Answers from a Nutritionist

How to Stop Bingeing at Night

Why Do I Dissociate When I Eat? Answers from a Nutritionist

How to Forgive Yourself after a Binge

Here’s What To Do After A Binge

How to Stop Binge Eating – 35 Tips from a Nutritionist

Recovering from Binge Eating: What to Do and How to Feel Better – Jenn Hand

Books on How To Stop Binge Eating

Affirmations for Binge Eating

Do You Eat Perfectly All Day And Binge At Night?

What To Do After a Binge Relapse

When You Can’t Break Out of the Binge Cycle

Affirmations for Binge Eating

Intuitive Eating Posts

Why We Struggle with Intuitive Eating (And Tips To Help!)

Are You Afraid You’re Doing Intuitive Eating Wrong?

How Do You Measure Results On The Intuitive Eating Path?

Overeating Eating Posts

How to Not Eat The Entire Pantry (Even When You Want To)

3 Things To Do When You Have A Weekend Of Bad Eating

Are You Sneaking Food & Hiding What You Eat? Here’s What To Do

How to Know When to Stop Eating

Don’t Know What Else To Do Besides Eat at Night?

Holistic Weight Loss Posts

Holistic Weight Loss: What It Is and How It Works

The 7 Biggest Myths of Weight Loss

7 Affirmations to Love Your Body Now

Food & Stuff Posts

What to Do When Going Out to Eat is Stressful

How To Have “Willpower” With Food

My Experiment With Cutting Out Dairy

An Example of Normal Eating

Life Lessons Posts

What To Do When You Want To Be Farther Along Than Where You Are

40 Lessons Learned at 40 (A Decade of Reflection)

Freedom from Dieting Posts

Struggle With Leaving Food Behind? 3 Ways To Quit The Clean Plate Club!

How to Overcome Fear of Gaining Weight

How To Deal With Food Guilt In Recovery

How To Stop Beating Yourself Up For What You Eat

How To Stop Obsessing Over Food And Weight

If You’re Not Dieting, How Do You Lose Weight?

What The Diet Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

When Eating What You Want Isn’t Working

The First Step in Getting off the Diet Roller Coaster

Why You’re Not Losing Weight on Ozempic! (Facts)

A Salad vs A Brownie: How Do You Make Healthy Food Choices?

Weight Worries Posts

3 Things To Do To Stop Criticizing Yourself In Photos

Think Everything Would Be Better If You Were Skinnier?

When You Want to Hide Your Body (And Feel Ashamed of Your Weight)

Why You Feel Physically Uncomfortable in Your Own Skin (Body Discomfort)

“I Hate Looking at My Body in the Mirror”…Sound Familiar?

How To Stop Wishing You Were Thinner All The Time

What Does It Mean When You Don’t Know What To Eat?

Do You Think You’re Too Fat For Your Partner?

Are You Constantly Trying To Hide Your Body?

So You’ve Gained Weight. Now What?

What To Do When Someone Comments On Your Weight (Or What You’re Eating)

3 Ways To Feel Good Naked (Even When You’re Feeling Fat)

What To Do When You’re Afraid of People Judging Your Weight

I’m Terrified of Gaining Weight. (Is This You? Read on…)

Have a Hard Time Accepting Your Current Weight?

“If I Eat What I Want, Will I Gain Weight”? (If This Is Your Fear, Read On?)

“I’ve Gained Weight and I Feel Like a Failure”

Sick of the “Love Your Body at Any Size” Campaigns?

When You Can’t Face Your Body In The Mirror (Here’s What To Do)

You Get Jealous of Someone’s Body. Here’s What To Do

5 Tips For When You Feel Uncomfortable In Your Body

The Real Reason You Can’t Accept Your Body

Think Eating Less Will Make You Skinnier?

Think You Need To Lose Weight For An Upcoming Event?

“I’ve Gained Weight and I Feel Like a Failure”

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