We’ve all been there. When you see someone who has a figure you’d kill for and you get insanely jealous.

It could be that you see someone super fit in your class at the gym,

…or you run into someone you know who lost a lot of weight,

…or encounter a friend of a friend who has that “perfect” body,

and you get jealous of someone’s body.

(“If only I had HER body, I’d feel more confident, accept my self, and not have all these body image issues!”)

It can catch us off guard. Maybe we’re feeling okay in our skin and we’ve made some progress being kind to ourselves.

But then we see someone who, in our minds, has the body we’d love to have.

We get triggered.

We can go down that negative spiral that we aren’t enough, we dislike our own body and if only we looked like them… (insert possibilities here)

When you do get jealous of someone’s body, remember these 3 things!

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