The single most common struggle I hear from women?  The struggle to win the evening food battle. Don’t know what else to do besides eat at night?

That’s what we’re talking about on the podcast today!

Evenings can be the most challenging time for most of us around food. The day is done, the busy-ness settles, the distractions fade.

And we’re left with that whisper from the pantry that seems to call us off the couch.

(It can also be annoying when you hear suggestions like “go take a bubble bath” or “go for a walk” as substitutions for eating–and when they don’t work, we just feel like we’re the failure)


Today, I’m sharing the 4-step process to walk you through how to figure out what’s going on with eating at night and then how to “fix” it!


(If you do need more support, check out the self-paced “How to Stop Overeating at Night” challenge.


So what else to do besides eat at night? Dive in below!



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