Do you know you eat emotionally, but can’t quite seem to stop?

A part of letting go of emotionally eating is understanding what the process looks like AND what to do to replace food with another coping mechanism.

We don’t just make ourselves stop overeating when we are emotional (that’s just another rule we force upon ourselves…and we all know what happens when we make ourselves follow a rule: we want to BREAK IT!).

how to stop emotional eating

We learn how to replace food with another habit that better serves us. 

The world of emotions can be confusing, intense and intimidating at first.

I remember feeling deeply afraid that my emotions would swallow me whole when I first “let them out”. They seemed so scary and I didn’t know how to “feel” them.

Today’s video goes deeper into some of these issues.

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(**Remember that even “normal” eaters eat emotionally sometimes! And that’s okay. Food is so tied in with emotions and it can be hard to separate at times. Be easy on yourself as you learn to navigate the emotional landscape).

Watch below: How To Stop Emotional Eating


I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Which step can you focus on this week to begin to put down the food and explore your emotions? Share in the comments below!

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