Nighttime was the most challenging time for me.I couldn’t seem to break the cycle of turning to food (and always wondered–what was the biggest cause of overeating?!)

I dreaded the post-dinner into the nighttime.

I’d eat pretty well during the day.

I’d feel good about my progress.

I thought being “normal” around food was possible.

I felt hopeful.

Then evening would come.

I’d sit down on the couch & it would start.

The whispers from the fridge.

The cookies, candy, and desserts calling my name.

“Jenn,” they’d beckon. “You know you want a cookie”.

“NO!” My mind would fight back. “You know you’ll hate yourself if you do it”.

This food battle would go on in my mind for minutes or hours.

I’d eventually give in. It seemed like I couldn’t resist.

The cycle was the same: eat okay during the day, attempt to resist food at night, give in, hate myself, swear to do better tomorrow.

What is the biggest cause for overeating at night and how do we start to break that cycle?

Tune in to the podcast–that’s exactly what I’m talking about today!

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