When we have a tough time accepting our current weight, it can make us want to diet again.

(Why? Because diets promise quick fixes and even if we know they don’t work, it’s still so insanely tempting!)

This idea of “normal eating” and “being unhappy with my body” can seem like they clash.

We’re “supposed to” accept our bodies.

But then we face reality:

We don’t want to resign ourselves to a lifetime of this size, we think we look better as our “thin” self, and/or the reflection in the mirror overrides any positive thought/affirmation we tell ourselves.

Here are four tips to remember if you’re having a hard time accepting your current weight:


1. Really understand/remind yourself that dieting doesn’t work.

Let’s be real. Dieting is tempting. It’s seductive. It promises quick results and gives us hope for weight loss.

So we’ve got to surround ourselves with materials, resources, people and groups that remind us of this when the going gets tough.

I spent 8 years working on these “issues” and STILL dieted.

I had been in therapy, done an outpatient group program, read countless books, journaled all the time and spent so much of my time “trying” to get over these food issues.

And yet, I still dabbled in dieting when I got desperate.

I knew it didn’t work long term.

But that sneaky little voice said… “but just do this really quickly and then you can deal with the other stuff!”

I gave in. The pull is STRONG.

So. Surround yourself with someone who gets it. (A therapist, a group, a coach, a book, a support system…anything!)

(Some studies to remind you of this here, here and here and a few blog posts here, here and here.)


2. Lean in to the unacceptable.

Here’s the thing about not being able to “accept” something…

Usually, we battle ourselves hard because we feel like we NEED to accept our body.

This then creates a double layer of criticism and emotion.

We are frustrated about our weight and then we’re mad/annoyed/irritated that we can’t just accept it like we are supposed to.

It creates resistance within ourselves and keeps us stuck in the thing we can’t accept.

So, can you lean in to the unacceptable ?

A question I love to ask myself when I’m feeling stuck:

Can you accept that you can’t accept (insert item here)?

Sit with it, pause, reflect on it.

It can create some space, some softness and then some “acceptance” can slip in… (which is the thing we really want!)


3. Pay attention to what your mind is telling you.

Can you catch what chatter is going on in your mind?

Things like…

…“You look better thinner”

…“You don’t look as good as your thin self”

…“Your reflection in the mirror looked sexier 10 years ago at your other weight

Welcome to the inner critical voice on our mind 🙂

When you can catch it, you can separate yourself from it.

You can recognize that this is societal conditioning, telling us we need to look and be a certain way.

You can challenge it, question it, and realize it’s not true (“You look better thinner” isn’t actually a fact. It’s an opinion.)

It’s important to recognize when we get caught up in that critical voice in our minds and not let it rule our thoughts.


4. You CAN still change.

When we think of acceptance, we associate it with giving up. A resignation that we’ll be this weight forever.

But your body will ALWAYS be changing. As long as you are living, it’s changing.

Skin regenerates every 27 days. Cells constantly regenerate. Gut lining replaced every 5 days. Our bodies are not static.

Your current weight is just one point in your journey.

It’s not the end. It’s not the final point. It’s ONE point.

You can be where you are AND want to change (the subtly of this paradox is something I’m still learning in my life 🙂 ).

Reminding yourself of this can feel like a huge sigh of relief. You can acknowledge where you are, let go of the fight, AND still change.

It’s Your Turn…

What point resonates most with you? How do you cope when you get frustrated at your current weight? Share below 🙂