When we swear off signing up for any program that promises weight loss (aka not dieting and eating normally), we try to banish the weight loss topic from our minds. But if you’re not dieting, how do you lose weight?

That question often looms in the back of our minds, like a secret desire refusing to be extinguished.

We don’t want to obsess over weight loss (because we know our old way of dieting/cutting out/following a specific plan doesn’t work long term)…


…but we also have a secret (or not so secret) desire to be a comfortable weight. 


So what gives?

Is it possible to have the weight loss conversation alongside the “trying to not diet” one?

Yes, indeed, it is.

Weight comes up in almost every 1:1 conversation I have with clients.


Because we typically diet in order to control our weight.

Whether it’s for health reasons, for comfort reasons, or for body image reasons, size is never far from our minds when we’re dieting.

At some point on the journey, though, we realize dieting isn’t sustainable so we work to “listen to our bodies”.

And then the desire for weight loss gets squashed, because we don’t know how to hold it in tandem with the “trying to eat normally”.

Well if you struggle with this one, you’re in luck!


Today’s episode explores the “if you’re not dieting, how do you lose weight” conundrum: 


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