These past few weeks have been a whirlwind, as I’ve been in full launch mode for Healing From Within.

I’ve been hunched over my computer, writing copy, scrutinizing each word of my sales page/emails, analyzing metrics, numbers, conversion rates, page views, opt ins, and going into the “business” metrics side of determining how effective my marketing has been.

I’ve been going and doing and obsessing and frantically doing even more so I’d have THE “perfect” launch.

And quite frankly, I’ve been feeling like a crazy person. (No one tells you when you start a business that it will be filled with crazy awesome highs of joy/excitement/hope/passion and also crazy intense lows of disappointment/frustration/uncertainty/self-doubt).

All of this craziness seemed to boil down to wanting one thing:

I wanted to be farther along then where I was.

I wanted a bigger email list, more clients, bigger reach, a social media following of millions, an already published book, a reputation as a well-known leader in my field, an appearance on Oprah, etc.

I essentially wanted to be the Marie Forleo of my field, like yesterday already! (if you don’t know who she is, she is the “online business guru”, extremely well-known in the business-building circles,  and a multi-millionaire)

And then it hit me yesterday…

I’ve learned this lesson before. 

(It’s amazing how many of the lessons I learn in business mirror the things I thought I’ve “already learned” in my food/weight/eating journey)

Farther Along

Because the “old me”…the me that was crazy obsessive over what I weighed, intensely fixated on what I was eating, and a control freak over every aspect of my body…

That me was also obsessed with “wanting to be farther along”.

I wanted to already have learned all the lessons I needed to around weight/eating so I could just not think about it anymore.

I wanted to be all the way “over there”…there being a place where I was 110 pounds, had a perfect body, and could confidently wear anything in my closet.  And I wanted all of this on MY time table.

Basically, I wanted to be anywhere other than where I currently was–in the throes of binging/dieting.

But sometimes, life doesn’t work according to what WE think should happen. (Tweet that!)

Sometimes the Universe/God/the Powers that be/Whatever you believe in… gives you what you need — in the place where you are — so you can learn all that you need to know to “graduate” to the next step.

Because you can’t be farther along in your journey UNTIL you learn all the things you need to learn to then take the next step forward.

So, I tell myself, as much as I’m telling you…

You are exactly where you need to be.

Whether you’re frustrated because you can’t lose the baby weight fast enough, irritated that you want to squeeze into your jean shorts from last summer but can’t or anxious that you just can’t seem to “get it” fast enough…whereever it is in your life that you think you need to be “farther along”, let go of desperately wanting to be somewhere else.

You are where you are. So surrender to that and be open to what is.

Allow yourself to be where you are so you CAN learn whatever it is you need to learn.

Maybe it’s trust.

Maybe it’s surrender.

Maybe it’s faith.

Maybe it’s something else completely. 

Whatever it is, let go of fighting the situation you are currently in.

It’s when we are constantly battling ourselves internally, of desperately wishing we were someplace in our journey other than where we are, that’s when we create the most angst, intense frustration, and utter exhaustion.

For me, it’s learning how to surrender. I want to control everything and plan out every aspect according to my own time frame.

It’s something I learn, forget, and then re-learn.

And this program launch for Healing From Within was no different.

I thought if I did it all “perfectly”, I would get “there”…

If I did all the social media marketing, appropriate number of Facebook Ads, built my email list to X number of people before my launch, then I would get “it”. It being exactly the number of participants I had in my head that “should” sign up and catapult my business into the Oprah-type level.

Sound familiar? “If I do it all perfectly — if I eat exactly what I should, exercise 40 minutes per day, never deviate off my food plan, and do this for 6 weeks straight — then I will get to the exact weight I need to be to feel okay in my body”.

But things don’t always pan out according to how WE think it should go.

You can wish and hope and desperately want to be “farther along” in your journey all you want, but wishing doesn’t make it happen.

Progress and growth happen when you can release your tight grip, loosen your mental attachment, and truly allow yourself to be where you are.

So, my dear, be open to the idea that where you are is exactly where you need to be. You don’t need to be farther along than you already are. Life is a journey, not a destination, and there’s no race to get anywhere.

You can’t skip steps, miss the lessons, and escape where you are.  Because by being here, that’s how you get to where you want to be. (Tweet that!)

PS-And, can I tell you that I am so excited for the women that I get to work with for 8-weeks when we start Healing From Within on Monday? I truly am grateful to share this game-changing program and be able to change lives 🙂

If you’re interested in enrolling but haven’t yet, the program closes April 9th at midnight EST until 2016. I’d love to have you join 🙂 Food doesn’t have to be what you “use” anymore-whether it’s to numb out, not have to deal, escape your stressers, or fill the emptiness inside, this program will bring lasting healing into your life. XO


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