It’s the million dollar question: how do I eat like a “normal” person?! Because if we knew the answer, well…we wouldn’t be struggling so much with finding our “zen” around food/eating.

We’ve all had that friend…the one who takes 3 bites of cake and pushes it aside, who leaves the last few bites of her pasta dish because she’s full, or who passes the candy dish without indulging because she just doesn’t want it.

Meanwhile, you are wrestling with not wanting to eat the cake but promising yourself you’ll won’t eat more than a bite, struggling to leave anything on your plate, and raiding the candy dish every chance you get!

And you wonder to yourself…”how the heck does she eat “normally”?!

When you struggle with food and can’t seem to “control” your eating, eating normally is a foreign concept. And it’s one of the most common questions I get from clients!

So, I thought I’d delve into the concepts of what normal eating looks like and how we can begin incorporating some of those principles into our own lives.

For so many of us, we’ve been dieting/not-dieting, eating everything in site/promising to start over tomorrow, or battling our food for so long that we don’t even know what a “normal” eating looks like!

Enter today’s post 🙂

Click below to watch the video, and, as always, I’d love to hear your comment below.

PS-One of my biz pals and I will be discussing one of my fav topics: letting go of our obsession with the number on the scale.  Join us next Wednesday, 1/28 at 8:30 MST on google hangouts!  I’d love to see you there 🙂

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