Many people overeat, but there comes a time where it becomes a pre-diagnosed bingeeating disorder (BED). There are differences between binge eating and overeating. While you may overeat at times, those with self-diagnosed BED eat in excess all the time and cannot control the episode. They may also feel shame or guilt after eating. At Jenn Hand, we understand your concerns. Food addiction comes in many forms, with binge eating being the most common. The signs & symptoms of binge eating can include eating too much all of the time, feeling shame or guilt, and being overweight. With so many negative effects of binge eating, you want to prevent it and seek help.

Overcoming Binge Eating Is Possible with Jenn Hand

With Jenn Hand, you get binge eating support and can talk to others with a similar situation. We can speak with you at your binge eating consultation to find out what makes you binge and help you find the right binge eating treatment. Often, we create a normal eating guide for our patients. This helps them understand what to eat and when. Use this in conjunction with our other treatments to help you stop the urge and desire to binge eat.

People Also Ask,

Q. Why do people binge eat?

A. There are many reasons people might binge eat. Stress and anxiety can be the cause, as well as emotional eating.

Q. How do I know if I am binge eating?

A. You may often hide food, feel guilty after eating too much, or continuing to eat even after you are already too full.

Q. What happens to your body when you binge eat?

A. Your body is too full of calories, fat, and sugar. Energy and hormones can fluctuate, and you may also feel digestive discomfort.

Q. Will I gain weight from a binge?

A. If you often binge eat and rarely exercise, it is likely that you are going to gain weight from binge eating.

Q. How do you recover from binge eating?

A. Many people can’t do it alone. It is often best to work with us to find a treatment plan that meets your needs. Contact us for an appointment today.

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