beat the bathing suit bluesWell, we are smack dab in the middle of bathing suit season. I would say for about 85% of the women I know, summer comes with great excitement, and a twinge of “ugh, that means I have to be seen in a bathing suit”…

It’s crazy to think about how many emotions “being seen in a bathing suit” brings up for us.

Next time you’re heading to the pool or beach, remember these 3 things:

Find a suit you feel amazingly comfortable in.

Finding a bathing suit that really fits your body is a game-changer. When you are wearing a suit that doesn’t fit you right, it’s impossible to feel at ease.  This year, I decided that I was going to invest in a really nice bathing suit. I went to a specialty store that only sold swim wear. I literally must have tried on 40+ suits-different colors, styles, sizes, patterns, etc. It was a drastically different experience than bathing suit shopping at Target-the sales women were incredibly helpful in helping me find something that fit my body type, the lighting was soft and flattering, and there were selections for every single body type.

I spent a good deal of money on the suit, but it was SO worth it. I went to a water park the other day and it was one of the first times I can remember that I just felt comfortable and at ease walking around in my bathing suit. Not because my body had changed, not because my view of myself had changed…simply because I found a suit that fit MY body-I wanted more coverage than “normal” suits, a higher waist-ed bottom, nothing skimpy, and solid, firm material.

So, moral of the story=find what works for YOU. Whether it’s a one-piece, a tankini, or any other version of a bathing suit, search until you find something that you think “YES-this is it”. When you FEEL comfortable in something (whether it’s that one-piece you’ve always wanted to buy, boy cut bottoms with more coverage, or something that actually holds your boobs in) that comfort radiates outward.

Other people are not staring at you and picking out your flaws.

Seriously. Everyone else is much too concerned with their own insecurities and perceived imperfections to be picking you apart in your bathing suit. And guess what-even if they are-you will NEVER know! If someone is judging you and what you look like in a suit, that is a reflection of their own insecurities.  When we judge another, it is our own “stuff” that is filtering our perception.

Remember that the little flaws and parts of ourselves we want to hide, really aren’t as noticeable as we think. Think about someone you love. They probably have some body insecurity that they stress over, but is barely noticeable to you.  That same logic applies to you. Self-conscious that your stomach isn’t “perfect” enough to wear a bikini? Afraid that your butt has cellulite that is visible through your suit? Insecure about your “huge” love handles hanging over your suit bottom? I promise-the things you see about yourself in the mirror are drastically magnified in our own minds. Other people do not see you the way you see yourself. People are too caught up in their own bodies, selves, and lives to even notice all the insecurities you think are readily apparent!

This is the only life you’ve got.

Remind yourself of this when you feel embarrassed about taking off your cover up and walking around in your bathing suit.  I think back to all of the times I sat on the beach, hiding under my towel, covering my stomach, wearing my tank top, and not going in the water because I didn’t want anyone to see my body.

And sadly, that is what I remember about trips to tropical islands, summer pool days, and much of my beach time at the Jersey shore.

I remember how much I dreaded being in a bathing suit, how I was embarrassed about myself when I gained weight, and how much I tried to hide myself with whatever excuse I could come up with.

 I look back now and wish I hadn’t hid myself all those years. 

When I think about what I want to remember in the future from my time now, I want my memories to be different.  I want to be the first one to run down to the ocean, yelling “who wants to come in?”  I want to remember playing shark with my nephew and hearing him giggle as I swim after him. I want to cherish bobbing my little niece on my knee while sitting in the baby pool. I want my memories to involve getting in the water-not hiding in my towel in my chair.

Summer pool days, beach trips, and water adventures can be some of our best memories if we remind ourselves that this is the only life we’ve got. Don’t spend one more second standing on the sideline-jump in!

So, next time you’re in your suit lounging by the pool or beach, take a risk, brush your insecurities to the side (I promise, no one is even paying attention to how you look) and go make some memories!

I know all of us struggle sometimes with the way we look. Especially in a bathing suit. Take action-spread the message and share this blog with a friend who may need to hear these words 🙂

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