It’s the crave-y-wanting-of-sweets that we sometimes can’t shake: “I have a bad sweet tooth and all I want to do is eat!”

I was chatting with one of my friends earlier this week and I said this exact thing to her.

The last week or so I’ve been battling cravings and just wanting to eat lots of goodies.

This can be a complicated subject when you’re trying to be “normal” around food.


Sometimes this path is a riddle of paradox’s… you’re working on finding the balance of not dieting but also trying to eat “healthy” but working on not following food rules but also trying to give yourself permission/freedom. 


See how confusing it can get?!

I wanted to share in today’s episode how I’m working through this sweet tooth and what tactics/things I’m utilizing.

One of the most useful things I find on this path is real life stories.

While not everything I say may resonate, when you hear HOW someone got through a craving or HOW someone felt an emotion or HOW to get a through a bad body image day…those can be so immensely helpful.

(It’s the part of us that loved diets–we like checklists, we want the steps and formula to follow 🙂 ).


So here it is in today’s episode: “I have a bad sweet tooth-help!”

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