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Have you ever woken up and immediately gone to the mirror to see if your stomach looked big? Or passed by a window and checked your reflection to see how you looked? Whatever name you want to call it (body checking, mirror checking, etc), that’s what I’m diving into today!

I realized (after wanting to check my own body in the mirror) that I’ve never done a post or podcast episode on body checking!

So we are long overdue 🙂

(The closest post I’ve done is this one here)

I wanted to open the conversation about body checking: how it’s often subconscious, how we try to measure our worth with the mirror, and how you can begin to shift out of this behavior/habit. 

Often times, it’s a way for us to reassure ourselves that we haven’t gained weight and that we are still acceptable.

If you find yourself doing this, then tune in to today’s podcast!

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