This is the million dollar question in our day to day lives: should you eat what you want or follow a rule?

You may think I’m a big advocate of “eat what you want, screw the rules!” but it’s not quiiiiiite as simple as that 🙂

Because food is complex and how minds are even more complicated!

You know how the food battle goes.

Mind #1: “Just allow yourself to have the cookies. You know you want them!”

Mind #2: “But you know cookies aren’t healthy! Don’t do it! You’ll get mad at yourself after!”

(***I swear there are 27 different minds all within my main mind and it gets damn confusing in there sometimes 🤣)

So which mind do you listen to?!

Enter today’s podcast.

It’ll give you the “how to” of figuring out whether to eat you want or follow a rule.

So let’s dive in to the podcast and get you on your way to figuring out which one to choose next time you eat!

PS–I have a very in depth “How to Make ‘Healthy’ Food Decisions” series if you want to explore more!

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