What to do after binge eating sugar? Let’s talk about it!

Written by Jenn Hand, Holistic Nutritionist, Board Certified Health Coach, NBC-HWC, Binge Eating Coach

What To Do After Binge Eating Sugar

The post-binge guilt and anxiety is real.

I remember one of my worst binges: it was after I had been eating “clean” for weeks. I was in grad school, studying nutrition, and eating “perfectly.”

After a few weeks of this, I had a series of emotional hits: I realized I wanted to break up with my then boyfriend, my boss had given me an insane amount of work, and I felt lost, as I didn’t like my career.

So one night, after swearing not to, I binged. It was an all-out-binge, not one of the “I ate 5 cookies” binges. I had bowls of ice cream, leftover holiday candy, and secretly ate endless amounts of food while my family was sleeping. I woke up the next day feeling stuffed, awful, bloated, tired, cranky and guilty.

I had been working towards food freedom, so I caught myself going down the road of self-hate and criticism, and shifted into kindness and criticism.

How could I learn from this? How could I take care of my emotional needs for next time? (And what ARE my emotional needs?) Was I eating balanced prior to the binge?

This mindset of curiosity and kindness helped me to sort through the mess and get back to a feeling of balance in the next few days. 

How do you cleanse your body after a sugar binge?

My favorite way to care for myself post-binge was to work to be extra kind to myself. For me, that was gentle movement (like a walk), journaling, drinking hot water with lemon, and eating lighter foods for the rest of the day. Be kind to your body with self-care, hydration and gentle movement to help you move through post-binge. 

Is it good to fast after a sugar binge?

The best thing to do post-binge is to eat again when your body feels hungry. Usually, we swear off eating again to make ourselves feel better, but this always backfires. Continue to plan lighter meals and honor your body’s hunger after you binged. 

How much water should I drink after a sugar binge?

Use your body’s cues to check in to see how much water you want to drink. I know for my binges, I didn’t really want water until much later or the next day. I only wanted small sips of water or tea. Check in to see what would feel nourishing or needed for your body after overeating. 

How long does it take to detox from a sugar binge?

It depends on the person but typically 2-3 days to feel back to a more balanced place. The most important part of recovering post binge is self-kindness and self-care. When you’re able to prioritize taking care of yourself, giving your body what it needs and being kind instead of critical, you speed up the process of feeling balanced. 

Will I gain weight after a sugar binge?

One of my biggest fears around food was gaining weight. If I binged all the time and couldn’t control what I ate, would my weight spiral out of control? It’s rare that we gain weight after one binge. Over time, our weight can fluctuate from dieting and bingeing, but a few small binges won’t have a huge impact on your weight. 

What is the best exercise after a sugar binge?

I recommend a long walk. Exercising post binge may not feel great, depending on your body, but use your own guidance to see what feels right. Walking is a great way to get outside, get some fresh air, clear your mind, and gently move your body. 

Other Questions about Sugar and Health

How many hours after eating sugar do you crash?

The “sugar high” lasts for about 30-60 minutes. After an hour we begin to feel that crash, dip in energy and mood drop from the sugar wearing off. 

What neutralizes sugar in the body?

Water and protein both help to neutralize sugar. When you eat, try to add protein to your meals and snacks. The protein helps to digest your food more slowly, so you won’t get the same sugar spike and crash as if you were just eating sugar. Water can also help flush out some of effects of sugar. 

What are the symptoms of sugar overload?

Some of the symptoms of having too much sugar are fatigue and low energy, weight gain over time, irritability, intense cravings, and mood swings. 

Does water flush out sugar?

Water can help your kidneys flush out excess sugar and keeps your body hydrated. 

How do you counteract too much sugar in food?

The best way to counteract too much sugar is to add protein. I always recommend adding protein anytime you’re eating, even dessert. This helps prevent the blood sugar spikes and crashes. So if you’re having ice cream, add some nuts. If you have a brownie, grab a glass of milk. If you’re eating pasta, eat it with meat sauce. Upping your protein intake dramatically impacts how sugar affects your body.

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