Typically, I feel very trusting of my body. I know I can count on her to manage my weight and I don’t need to be a control freak about it (this has taken lots of work on that trust muscle!)

But being out of my food/exercise routine for 17 days in Bali was definitely a challenge.

The first week went fairly smoothly.

As we got into the second week, I began to question myself…

  • ​Am I eating too many sweets?
  • Am I eating way too much? (I felt like we were always eating or planning our next meal!)
  • Will I gain weight on this trip? 
  • What if I come back heavier? (Triggered by old fears of being away when I DID come back heavier)

Those old fearful thoughts reared their ugly heads the longer I was out of my routine. (**There’s that old food control freak coming out!)​

So what do I do when I get into that “fear of gaining weight” space?

The answer is over on today’s podcast:

Wanna dive in to the 21 day non-diet, normal eater, feel-in-control-around-food event?! All the info is here.

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