You know that anxious feeling you get when you have a weekend away, a dinner party or some other event with a lot of food? (It can trigger anxiety and fear, which keeps us stuck and not able to deal with food anxiety!)

It could be stress that you’ll eat too much. 

Or fear you won’t be able to control yourself. 

Or anxiety that you’ll end up gaining weight. 

Whatever it is, food anxiety is a real thing! 

I’m sharing a personal story in today’s podcast and the 3 things I did to help me move through it!

PS-The Normal Eaters Club opens in a few weeks! This is THE community to walk you step-by-step through Stages 1-5 of “normal” eating–guidelines for how to eat (in a non-diet way), how to trust your body, everything you need to know to stop bingeing/overeating, lessons how to find body acceptance and so much more.

Keep your eyes peeled for more info 🙂

Here’s how to deal with food anxiety:

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