Written by Jenn Hand, Holistic Nutritionist, Board Certified Health Coach, NBC-HWC

One of my biggest fears when I was stuck in the binge cycle was my fear of being trapped forever.

Would I always struggle? How would I ever break out of the cycle for good? But there IS hope. I believe every woman can end the binge cycle and feel a sense of freedom around food. Ending binge eating permanently involves a multifaceted approach that combines behavioral changes, emotional management, and sometimes professional guidance.

Here are some key strategies:

Identify what prompts your binge eating – it could be emotional, situational, or related to certain foods. Understanding these triggers is the first step in managing them.

Once you know what sends you to the food, you can create a plan to help you deal with the trigger without turning to food. 

Sometimes bingeing can be a result of not eating often enough (or eating too little!) By establishing regular times that you eat, you begin to develop a rhythm with yourself and your body.

Your body will know what’s coming fuel-wise and begin to develop that sense of trust. By steering clear of strict diets, this helps to avoid the cycle and is less likely to trigger a binge. 

Pay attention to your food and eat slowly. See where you can turn off distractions (your computer, phone, TV, podcasts, etc) to help you tune in to your body’s signals. Mindfulness helps in recognizing fullness and hunger cues, reducing the likelihood of overeating.

How else can you deal with stress, boredom, loneliness or other emotions? Explore more nourishing ways to deal with feelings (like physical activities, creative outlets, journaling, or relaxation techniques like meditation or deep breathing exercises.)

Understand that change takes time and there might be setbacks. Practice self-compassion and acknowledge your progress, no matter how small. Oftentimes, we’ve been battling bingeing for many years, so it’s not something that is “fixed” in a few weeks.

Be gentle with yourself as you’re learning from your setbacks–this will help you take that feedback and those lessons to incorporate for next time. 

I always convinced myself I “should” be able to figure out this food stuff on my own. After all, wasn’t food supposed to be simple? It turns out it’s not! Food, body and weight are complicated.

Working 1:1 with someone changed my entire life. A coach or therapist, particularly one who has lived through this journey themselves, can provide valuable guidance and strategies tailored to your specific situation and help move you forward faster than going it alone. 

Remember, ending binge eating is a journey and not an overnight fix. It’s important to work on it consistently and seek help when needed.

How To End Binge Eating Forever

Common Questions

How important is mindfulness in stopping binge eating?

Very important! Mindfulness and compulsion can’t co-exist, so the more we slow down to be present and mindful, the less likely we are to binge. 

What role does self-care play in ending binge eating?

Getting your needs met and taking care of yourself is super important to break free from binge eating.  Believe it or not, bingeing can be the only way to know how to “take care” of ourselves (to soothe feelings, to distract from painful emotions, to reward ourselves, etc) so as we learn to get those needs met, the need to binge falls away. 

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Work with a Emotional Eating & Holistic Nutrition Coach

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Working with a emotional eating coach and holistic nutritionist can help you get free from the frustrating binge and restrict cycle and stop yo-yo dieting.

You don’t have to be obsessed with food or have a million rules around eating to find your natural weight and learn to love your body. Ready to actually see a lasting change and experience true freedom?

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About the Author: 

Jenn Hand has been helping women like you become normal eaters since 2015.

She’s worked with thousands of women, helping them to balance their bodies, end bingeing, stop obsessing over food, and start feeling amazing again.  As a board-certified health coach and holistic nutritionist, Jenn knows how to support you in making real positive changes that last.

Her articles have been published on Mind Body Green, Tiny Buddha, Thrive Global and other local and global media platforms. She’s the author of How to Be a Normal Eater and the creator of The Normal Eater’s Club program. Listen to Jenn’s advice and tips on the Cake Doesn’t Count Podcast, or read more of her articles for free on the Food Freedom Blog.

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