Ok, here’s the million dollar question…when you have a desire for something you don’t think you “should” eat, should you give in to a craving or just ignore it?


When I was trying to stop dieting, I wrestled with serious dessert cravings. I often would have this internal battle with myself, fighting back and forth about trying to NOT give in.


And then of course, I’d be so tired of battling myself (inside my own head), that’d I’d end up giving in anyway, and stuck in feeling guilty and not enjoying eating the thing I had been craving!


So what is the happy medium? Do you try to fight the craving? Do you wait to see if it subsides? Or should you just say “screw it” and give in?

If you ever get stuck in a food battle around cravings…

“Don’t eat it! You’ll get mad at yourself after.”

“Oh just have it. You deserve it.”

“But I have weight to lose, I shouldn’t!”

And on and on…

So should you give in to a craving?

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