The all or nothing mindset plagues us in the diet world.

When we’re on a diet, we pick up this way of thinking:

…that we’re either good or bad.

We’re on or off.

We’re eating perfectly or not.

There’s no gray area.

It’s just “are we doing the plan” or not?

When we’re trying to find our own version of “normal eating”, this mindset can come back in full swing. 

It ends up keeping us stuck, because if we’re not “good” with food, we feel like a failure.

We can spiral down a rabbit hole, thinking it’s not worth it because we can’t do it right.

We self-sabotage.

This mindset is so common in dieting, and it keeps us stuck when we want to find more freedom around food.

If you struggle with this black and white thinking, you’re in for a treat with today’s podcast!

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