When I first began dealing with all my “food/body stuff“, I was determined to do exactly what my therapist told me to do to “become” a normal eater who loved her body.

I was so exhausted from battling myself every day, weary from thinking about food 24/7 and utterly drained from hating my body.

And I desperately wanted to become the person whose weight didn’t fluctuate 60 pounds, who radiated body confidence walking into a room, and whose food patterns were, well…normal.

But I realized along the way that this was the wrong approach.

I didn’t need to BECOME someone else.

What I had to do was UNBECOME. (Can that be a word?)

This process is truly about unbecoming.

We UNLEARN everything that is piled in our minds from years of societal conditioning around food and decades of learning how to hate ourselves. 

It’s about unlearning food rules to hear the wisdom that is already buried within us.

It’s about unlearning what we think our body is supposed to look like to recognize the beauty that we are.

It’s about unlearning to go along with what  you “should” do to find out what it is you WANT to do. 

It’s about unlearning all of it: the way we view food, our relationship with emotions, the way we see weight, our beliefs that we’re not enough. 

In short? It’s a rediscovering of your brilliance. 

You already have whatever it is you need inside of you. All of the answers are there. It’s just a process of unbecoming.

You are meant to shine.

You are meant to wake up in peace around food, to spend your energy on something other than worrying about weight, and to truly, deeply love your body and yourself.

The process there?

It’s unbecoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place 🙂 


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