If you’re wondering how to stop bingeing on sugar, you’re in the right place. This post covers the basics. One of my biggest struggles when I was in the binge-restrict cycle was bingeing on sugar.

Written by Jenn Hand, Holistic Nutritionist, Board Certified Health Coach & Binge Eating Coach, NBC-HWC

I’d swear to myself that I’d be REALLY good during the day.

I’d follow my plan exactly–using all of my willpower!

But come evening all bets were off.

No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t “reign” myself in.

I’d start on cookies, which led to chips, which led to anything else that was a dessert in the house.

The next morning, I would wake up feeling guilty, ashamed and furious at myself that I couldn’t get myself under control. So I’d promise again that I’d be “really good” and the cycle kept continuing.

Here are some of the things that helped me break free from the cycle

How to Stop Bingeing On Sugar

Begin by identifying triggers and patterns that lead to sugar bingeing.

These triggers could be emotional (such as stress or boredom), environmental (like having sugary snacks readily available), or situational (such as certain times of day or social events).

Cultivate mindfulness around eating by paying attention to hunger and fullness cues, as well as the sensory experience of eating.

Slow down and savor each bite, noticing the taste, texture, and satisfaction of your food. This helps you experience a greater awareness of your body’s needs and reduces the likelihood of mindless overeating.

Identify the people, places or emotions that may be triggering a binge.

Explore coping strategies for managing stress, boredom, or difficult emotions like journaling, practicing deep breathing exercises, or engaging in hobbies that bring joy and relaxation.

Having protein every time you eat helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and reduce cravings for sugary foods.

Focus on adding lean meat, nuts/seeds, dairy, chicken, turkey, beans or vegetarian protein every time you eat to feel satiated and balanced! 

Typically the way to balanced blood sugar is eating every 3-4 hours.

Use this as the general cadence of your day and tweak depending on your own preferences and lifestyle. Going too long without eating can cause cravings later in the day so be sure to keep your body fueled! 

Add protein to every meal and snack

Common Questions

I’m a believer in exploring how to have a relationship with sugar. Most times we aren’t able to sustain cutting out sugar for good 

Reduce sugar cravings by stabilizing blood sugar levels with balanced meals and snacks containing protein, fiber, and healthy fats, and incorporating a variety of satisfying foods into your day. 

Healthy alternatives to sugary snacks include fresh fruit paired with nuts or yogurt, homemade protein balls made with dates and nuts, or dark chocolate. 

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About the Author: 

Jenn Hand has been helping women like you become normal eaters since 2015.

She’s worked with thousands of women, helping them to balance their bodies, end bingeing, stop obsessing over food, and start feeling amazing again.  As a board-certified health coach and holistic nutritionist, Jenn knows how to support you in making real positive changes that last.

Her articles have been published on Mind Body Green, Tiny Buddha, Thrive Global and other local and global media platforms. She’s the author of How to Be a Normal Eater and the creator of The Normal Eater’s Club program. Listen to Jenn’s advice and tips on the Cake Doesn’t Count Podcast, or read more of her articles for free on the Food Freedom Blog.

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